ALIP Umbrella Insurance

Personal Liability Coverage for Life’s Mishaps
The ALIP Umbrella Insurance Plan gives you the personal liability coverage to address the unpredictable things that can happen in the course of everyday life.

  • You or your teenage driver could be in an auto accident
  • Someone could be injured in your home
  • There could be a mishap in your swimming pool or boat
  • You could be named responsible for a personal rental property or pet incident

Life is full of mishaps. The problem is many of your everyday exposures may fall well beyond the limits of your auto and homeowner’s policy.  Without the right coverage, you could end up in serious financial trouble. That’s why you need the ALIP Personal Umbrella Insurance Plan.
Plan Features – to meet your evolving needs
Designed to supplement your auto and homeowner’s policy, the ALIP Personal Umbrella Insurance Plan offers

  1. Choice of coverage limits from $1 to $5 million
  2. Legal defense for covered claims even if a suit is determined to be frivolous
    $1 million for uninsured / underinsured (UM /UIM) motorists automatically included
  3. A single group rate that covers your homes, autos and members of your household
  4. Identity fraud expense coverage
  5. Kidnap and ransom coverage

There’s never been a better time to review your risks and consider the value of adding personal liability protection to supplement your auto and homeowner’s coverage. Apply today and you’ll find peace of mind knowing you’ve made a wise decision to safeguard your finances and your family’s future. 


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