Risk Management Resources

The Aon Attorneys Advantage Professional Liability Insurance Program provides policyholders with valuable risk management services designed to help identify exposures and mitigate potential claims.  

Wilson Elser Risk Management Hotline*

Policyholders also have access to a toll-free hotline to discuss risk management matters with attorneys from WIlson Elser, one of the leading legal malpractice defense firms.  The Hotline provides Aon Attorneys Advantage Professional Liability Insurance policyholders with:

  • Up to two FREE hours of confidential legal consultation from attorneys with extensive experience in lawyers professional liability
  • Assistance on a vast array of legal issues, such as pre-claim counseling, contract provision reviews and risk management counseling


The Quarter Hour
The Quarter Hour Risk Management Newsletter is an additional benefit, providing quarterly insights and information from top legal and insurance professionals to help policyholders reduce their legal malpractice exposure. 


Lawyers Risk Management Resource Center*
This risk management web site was created by Aon, the program underwriter AXIS and a leading national law firm, Wilson Elser LLP.* 



*The Lawyers Risk Management Resource Center website is not intended to provide legal advice for a specific situation or to create an attorney-client relationship unless otherwise noted. The Wilson Elser Risk Management Hotline is not a substitute for reporting a claim. To be eligible for coverage, claims must be reported using the procedures set forth in your insurance policy.


All coverage descriptions or highlights are for informational purposes only and do not provide a complete summary of coverage. Consult the applicable insurance policy for specific terms, conditions, limits, limitations and exclusions to coverage. Coverage is underwritten by a member company of the AXIS group of insurance companies. Coverage may not be available to all insureds and may not be available in all states and jurisdictions.


Wilson Elser has agreed to provide the Lawyers Risk Management Resource Center and Hotline as services to Aon Attorneys Advantage. By using these services, Aon Attorneys Advantage policyholders acknowledge that Wilson Elser is not their attorney and that no attorney-client relationship is created between Wilson Elser and the Aon Attorneys Advantage policyholder.


Aon Affinity is the brand name for the brokerage and program administration operations of Affinity Insurance Services, Inc.; (TX 13695); (AR 244489); in CA & MN, AIS Affinity Insurance Agency, Inc. (CA 0795465); in OK, AIS Affinity Insurance Services Inc.; in CA, Aon Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., (CA 0G94493), Aon Direct Insurance Administrators and Berkely Insurance Agency and in NY, AIS Affinity Insurance Agency.